Washer Repair

We have experience working on all models and brands of washers in Fort Worth and surrounding cities. If your washer leaks, the water doesn’t drain completely or you have any other problematic issues with it, call our toll free number and let us deal with it in order to bring your washer to normal working condition. You can reach us 24/7 at our toll free number for fast washer repairs in Fort Worth.

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Please note that all purchased washer parts are shipped directly to you.

We don’t work on commercial and small appliances such as vacuum cleaners, sewing machines etc. We work only on major appliances such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, ovens, stoves, dishwashers etc.

We repair all washer brands in Fort Worth such as:

One word of caution: Most of the time when an untrained person gets involved in washer repairs he has a great chance of creating a “basket of disassembled parts" — where your washer is a mess of parts that the washer repair technician must then reassemble before he can even check what the trouble is. Only once he has put the washer back together can he repair the original problem. This, of course, ends up costing you more for the same repair. In addition, if you get involved in washer repairs which you are not familiar and experienced with, it can be dangerous. This is because you deal with electricity and mechanical systems, so you can easily injure yourself. The information bellow is only for educational purpose and we don’t advise anyone to do your own washer repair. For professional help call us to schedule your repair appointment at our toll free number: 817-570-3133


Based on my many years of experience in the service business, I believe that the best four manufacturers of washing machines today, in alphabetical order, are Amana, General Electric, Maytag and Speed Queen. If they have made a reliable product. It also does not mean that no other manufacturer makes a quality product. No matter what the brand name, be very careful about selecting the floor special. I believe that many base models are basically “bait `n switch" products, very cheaply made, designed to provide price, but not performance. Even some of the best manufacturers will stoop to this practice from time to time so that they can give their retailers a super competitive advertising item. Try to determine the average estimated service life of the product. The typical washing machine should last fourteen years. If you only get seven or eight years, you would be better off paying a hundred dollars more and getting a fourteen year service life. If you are really interested, ask the salesman to take off the front of the lower priced washing machine, and the front of a high priced machine by the same manufacturer. Are the machines noticeably different inside? Is the low priced machine of demonstrably cheaper construction (it shouldn’t be)? If the salesman will not, or can not, take off the front side of the machine, to allow you to look at the inner construction, ask yourself if you would buy a car from an automobile dealership where they wouldn’t lift the hood and let you look at the engine, or from a salesman who couldn’t find the oil dip stick?

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Very little maintenance is needed on a washing machine. It’s a good idea to wipe your washing – machine clown thoroughly at least once a week. If you spill detergent, clean it up immediately. Do not let your equipment get gunked tip with detergent, Twice a year cleats your machine with two quarts of white vinegar in a full tub full of hot water. Let the washing machine run through the entire cycle. It will look shiny and new when the cycle is completed.

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A washing machine is basically just a tub within a tub, within a square metal box. It has a motor attached to the transmission by a belt or direct drive attachment. The transmission will move the agitator back and forth, as well as spin the inner tub. There is also a pump to remove the water when the job is done. If all the manufacturers put the same parts in the same places, and all the various parts looked like their counterparts on competitive machines, telling you how to fix a washing machine would be a snap. Unfortunately, the parts don’t all look the same and they are not situated in the same place. Therefore, please don’t try to repair a washing machine without that particular brand’s service manual. Remember “knowledge is power." Buy the manual even if you never expect to do any repair work yourself.

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